Reasons To Have A Woodworker Build A Custom Guitar Body For You

Posted on: 11 September 2019


If you're a guitar player, you might be content with buying instruments at your local music shop or even online. However, for some players, the idea of a custom guitar can be highly enticing — but the issue is that it can cost too much to have a local luthier design and build a guitar for you from the ground up. One option is to visit a local woodworking shop and submit your design for a guitar. The woodworker can take your design, use your choice of wood, and build a guitar body. You can then either have a local luthier mount a stock neck and the electronics or perhaps even attempt this work yourself. Here are some reasons to have a woodworker build the guitar body for you.

Custom Shape

Guitars are available in virtually every imaginable shape, but you may have a certain idea for a body shape that you haven't seen in a store. Perhaps it's a combination of a couple of existing guitar shapes, or maybe it's something that is entirely different. Whatever the case, you can share this design with your local woodworking studio, talk about exactly what you want, and have someone build the guitar body for you. The work may take some time, but you'll end up with your preferred custom shape.

Your Own Wood

In most cases, the woodworking service will talk to you about your preferred wood for the guitar body and then buy it. However, if you have your own wood that you want to supply for the project, this may be a desirable option, too. Perhaps you have a slab of wood with special significance — maybe it came from a tree that you cut down on your property and you like the idea of turning it into something that you'll keep for a long time.

Custom Features

When you get a custom guitar body built for you, it's not just the shape or the material that you'll need to think about. Another option is what features the guitar will have. For example, if you're planning a custom electric guitar, you might have specific ideas about how many pickups and what style of pickups the instrument should have. Your woodworking service will work closely with you to ensure that it performs the necessary routing on the body to give you the features that you're looking for in the guitar.

For more information about custom wood shapings, contact a local woodshop.