Want To Get Window Graphics For Your Restaurant? 4 Details To Provide

Posted on: 28 November 2018


If you manage a restaurant, you may try to do everything that you can to provide fair prices, great customer service, and delicious food. These three things will help your restaurant succeed, but you may be interested in taking advantage of every other opportunity to bring in more customers.

Adding window graphics to the empty windows on your restaurant is an excellent idea. Knowing what information to provide with these graphics will help you benefit from these additions.

Business Name

While you may have your restaurant's name in various locations, you should not hesitate to put it on the windows. If your establishment is in an area where people often walk by, you will make it easy for them to notice the name of your restaurant, which they may remember in the future. This is helpful when the overhead signage is not always that visible to those who are close by.

Phone Number

When a person sees your restaurant while going shopping or handling other errands, they may not want to step inside to ask a question about the menu or reservation options. This is when it is helpful to have your restaurant's phone number on one of the windows. A potential customer can put the number in their phone and make plans to call later to get answers to their questions.

Dietary Needs

If you like to accommodate all dietary needs, you should make it a priority to put this information on the restaurant windows. For instance, someone following a vegetarian or vegan diet will appreciate knowing that your restaurant will accommodate them before they walk inside.

Also, since these diets have specific requirements, advertising them on the window gives off the impression that the employees of the restaurant understand these dietary needs. This is also helpful for those on a gluten-free diet or even people with allergies such as dairy or tree nuts.

Food Options

Along with showing off that you are more than happy to accommodate dietary needs, you should inform people of the food that you serve. An Italian restaurant can specialize in pizza or take a more Mediterranean approach, in which case both menus will be drastically different. Listing the most popular food types and options on the windows will help people choose your restaurant.

If you run a pizza shop, you can even go as far as listing all the offered toppings on the outside so that people know what they are able to get before walking in the door.

Getting strategic with window graphics can lead to a more successful restaurant.